Thursday, July 7, 2022
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DePauw Alum Runs from Crawfordsville to Greencastle

This past Sunday, Nov. 7, Philip Cecil, a DePauw alumnus from the Class of 1990 and a Phi Delta Theta, ran from Crawfordsville, home...

Greencastle Township Trustee’s Office Restores Local Cemetery

On Hanna Street, between the duplexes and Blackstock Stadium, is the Greencastle Township Cemetery. That’s its official name, but the cemetery has also been...

DePauw Is Too Close To Home

Every year, prospective students are faced with the decision of attending college close to home, or finding a school elsewhere, putting hundreds, sometimes even...

DePauw Alum Brittney Brumfield Rocking Thursday Nights at Moores

Moores Bar and Grille has been a lively part of the Greencastle community since the late 1940’s, and now they will be hosting DePauw...

Greencastle runs Drug Takeback Day on April 24

On Saturday, April 24, Greencastle is hosting one of its Drug Take Back Days. The event was first organized in 2010 by the Drug...

Greencastle Schools Online Until Nov. 6 Due to COVID-19 Case

One positive COVID-19 case has sent Greencastle schools online due to a number of teachers being identified as possible contacts.  School Superintendent Jeff Gibboney informed...

Veronica Pejril: A Leader On and Off of Campus

Veronica Pejril, Director of Faculty Instructional Technology Support, Coordinator of the Music Instructional Technology Center (MITC) and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music here at...

Ongoing homicide investigation into suspicious death south of campus 

Ongoing homicide investigation into suspicious death south of campus  There is an ongoing homicide investigation after a suspicious death at 107 E Berry Street. There...

Greencastle Common Council meeting: A community effort

Myer’s Market has requested to have Washington and Walnut Street closed for the celebration of their 5th year anniversary on September 25-29th. The proposal...