Greencastle is a small town located in Putnam County, Indiana with approximately 9,820 residents, based on a 2020 census. For most students, Greencastle feels small compared to their hometowns and cities.. Due to its size, students may believe that there’s nothing fun or interesting to do in Greencastle compared to their hometowns, but that is not true. From restaurants to thrift stores, there is so much in Greencastle for the DePauw community to explore.

Starting off with restaurants, Marvin’s is one of the most popular eateries among students due to its late hours. Students can go there after watching games or if they don’t have any more meal swipes! Freshman Rani Klingensmith said, “I really like Marvin’s, it’s close to campus. It is also budget friendly and has a variety.”

Speaking of meal swipes, the Fluttering Duck is a restaurant located at the Inn at DePauw where students can use their ID to pay for meals with their Flex money. Moreover, there is an ice cream parlor called Scoops where students can use their Community Plus dollars. Students can also experience cuisines across the globe through  Don Julio, Taco Wapo, Tokyo, Almost Home Restaurant, Dairy Castle, and more. 

Aside from eating out, thrifting is common in college students' lives as well. Greencastle has several local thrift stores such as the upstairs store of the Putnam County Senior Center. Freshman Belen Pavon-Trujeque said, “my favorite store has been the thrift store at Putnam County Senior Center. The people are very friendly and the clothes are very cute. They have made it very fun to volunteer there.” Another thrift store would be Rescued Treasures, which help support the Human Society. Additionally, Goodwill can be a perfect place for thrifters to find affordable pieces of clothing. 

Moreover, Greencastle has a handmade boutique and crystal shop called Conspire: Contemporary Craft.  Conspire doubles as a community center where kids can play, teenagers can hang out, and adults can meet. You can also find other entertainment establishments downtown such as the 3G Bowl Bar and Grill, Ashley Square Cinema, and the DePauw Nature Park.

Even though Greencastle is small, students are already finding good and enjoyable things to do in town. Klingensmith said, “The thing I like about Greencastle is the quiet and clean environment. I also really like the welcoming community, everyone is very kind and welcoming.” 

Pavon-Trujeque had a similar reaction to the town. “Coming from a big city [New York], I enjoy how peaceful this town is. The community is well connected and welcoming to DePauw students which is something I like.” 

To discover more to do in Putnam County, explore Go Putnam for fun and exciting things to do.