Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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First-Year From Home: Online Learning and Mentoring

Whether learning from home or on campus, first-year students have redefined what it means to be a Tiger amidst the social, academic, and structural...

Enforcing the Guidelines During COVID-19: An Inside Look at First-Year RA’s

From the awkward first encounter with roommates and neighbors to the unpredictable South Quad fire alarms, living as a first-year on Depauw’s campus is...

TDP Post-It: Wed Sept. 9

1. Number of virtual classes versus in-person classes Of the 680 courses that DePauw is offering this fall, only eight are designated as "face to...

Number of Prospective Student Applications Up From Last Year

  The number of Depauw applications have increased in the past year. Comparatively, DePauw has received 5,434 applications this year as opposed to the 4,855...

First-Year Spotlight: Kelsey Owen

First-year Kelsey Owen is proof that just because you are a first-year it doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact on campus and in...

Worst Roommate Experiences

Every year, many first-year students prepare themselves for a whole new roommate experience. With this preparation, certain questions come to mind: Will the roommate...

First Year Firsts: Cycling Class Edition

Boy did that bust my butt! A perfect blend of cardio and calf-kicking, this cycling class offered a more than satisfactory end to my...

First-year baseball players bring childhood friendship to the diamond

First-year baseball players bring childhood friendship to the diamond

First-Year’s Observations On DePauw Dialogue

“From a community perspective, to have a shared community experience where we talk about systemic issues of power and privilege and diversity,” Madison said. “So it’s not a day off of class, it is a day where we all are engaging in one big campus community classroom.”

10 Things to Know About Freshman Year

Don’t skip class unless you absolutely have to. Even if you’re an independent learner, going to class is a must in college. Forget...


A Look at D3TV Behind the Scenes in 2020

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, the media industry has had to find creative ways to produce quality content. Such unthinkable tactics such as cardboard...

TDP Post-It: Monday, Sept. 28

Opinions, Mental Health

Is Time Up For Tik Tok?

TDP Post-It: Friday, Sept. 25

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