Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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BUST-A-FIT Ft. Baffour Darko

Baffour talks style in Ghana versus the U.S, gauging levels of drip, and having your own style  Byron: We’re here with Baffour. Definitely has a...

BUST-A-FIT: Volume 2 ft. Andrew Walther

Andrew talks flexing, clout culture and queerness in Greek life. Byron: We’re with Andrew Walther today. I see you came in with the fresh fit....

AND WE BACK: The Return of Bust-A-Fit ft. Wema Wachira

Wema talks the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, finding herself through her style and how traveling the world impacted it. Byron: We’ve got Wema today....

And We Back: A Chicago Classic with Claire Chial

Byron: So I see your outfit, the sweater and the jeans. Tell me about it. How did you pick it out? Claire: Well, I went...

Be You, Be Unique: Bust Your Own Fit

Honestly, this should have been the first issue of the trends portion of this fashion column, but better late than never right? With the...

An appeal for the beanie: don’t get DePlague

You remember when you were a kid and your mom would always nag you about bundling up when it was cold outside? And when...

Bust a Fit: an introduction

Hey guys. My name is Byron Mason and I’m a sophomore here on campus. Besides Thrifty Tiger, I noticed that there’s a lack of...