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Issues of transparency and concerns for students drive faculty meeting

A faculty committee is asking for a meeting between “select” faculty members and the Board of Trustees, over concerns about the administration’s handling of...

Faculty meeting addresses how to respond to hate on campus

The DePauw University faculty met to discuss hate groups and their potential interactions with DePauw at Monday’s faculty meeting. “We must activate ourselves as stewards...

Faculty governance pass motion in support of sanctuary campus

The deliberation lasted for over an hour on Monday afternoon and resulted in an affirmative vote of 84 to 12.

Tuition raised, announced at faculty meeting

According to McCoy, selecting how much to increase tuition was almost like a balancing act.

Faculty meeting changes Academic handbook

The most notable of these was the proposal to change tenure policy preventing professors from requesting letters of recommendation from students.

Faculty meeting discusses academic freedom

The meeting was based on the University of Chicago’s statement from last January about how they valued freedom of expression.

President McCoy addresses biased incident at faculty meeting

McCoy noted the incident and the community responses have pushed the administration to alter its communication strategy.

Casey announces concrete plans for addressing campus climate and safety to...

In yesterday's November faculty meeting, President Brian Casey stood before the faculty and members of the administration and announced his plans for the remainder...

First faculty meeting of academic year

Faculty remembrances were given for Clinton Burke Gass and Byron W. “Bill” Daynes. President Brian Casey thanked the faculty for support in setting...

Tuition increased, awards given in DePauw University monthly faculty meeting

Marnie McInnes received the Methodist Exemplary Teaching Award at Monday's ​faculty meeting. PHOTO COURTESY OF DEPAUW UNIVERSITY Tuition increases,...