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Giving attention to those history has erased

Photographer, Ken Gonzales-Day uses sites of lynching in California as a subject “I choose to be an artist. There was something for me about creating...

DePauw to replace hard alcohol with kegs

DePauw University intends to ban hard alcohol from registered parties and allow kegs instead for the first time in years. The decision was made as...

Parties on hold for weeks

Despite complaints, CLCD will continue the pause on parties and hopes that fraternities will continue working with them.

Faculty governance pass motion in support of sanctuary campus

The deliberation lasted for over an hour on Monday afternoon and resulted in an affirmative vote of 84 to 12.

Prindle receives $10,000 donation for Summer Camp based in diversity

The Inclusive Summer High School Institute for Philosophy will be for high school juniors who come from historically underrepresented groups

Student activists want DePauw to be a Sanctuary Campus

While President McCoy was not on campus during the march, he did send a campus-wide email the same day.

Public safety uses tiered system for campus alerts

The most extreme situations will be alerted through text messages in the Emergency Notification System.

Fire burns in Mason before Thanksgiving break

Students felt the process for getting them out of the building was effective, but many wished that they were more quickly informed about the situation.

Two couches and one table set ablaze

In the wake of winning the Monon Bell, three intentional fires were set on DePauw University's campus over the weekend. The first fire was a...

David Cameron announced as next Ubben Lecture

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, will be the next DePauw University's Ubben Lecturer on Thursday, Dec. 8. Cameron who left...