Monday, March 27, 2023
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3% Tuition Increase Raises 2023-24 Cost to Nearly $72,000

DePauw’s cost of attendance is nearly $72,000 for the 2023-24 academic year due to a 3% increase in tuition, room and board, according to...

DePauw's Board of Trustees Asks For More Time on Strategic Plan

DePauw University’s Board of Trustees has asked for more time before a final vote is taken on a strategic plan that was formulated over...

Spring Semester To Begin With Four Weeks Remote

This story contains a clarification DePauw plans for all classes to be held remotely the first four weeks of spring semester from Feb. 2-26, according...

Utopia: good or bad?

This past Labor Day, DePauw University held a presentation called “Science Fiction, Technology, and Work” honoring this year’s “common read.”  Before entering freshman year,...

Joe Turner's Come and Gone: Highlights from DePauw Theater's most recent...

DePauw Theater recently presented August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone. The play was directed by guest artist Kathryn Bentley and stars DePauw students. Below...

Giving attention to those history has erased

Photographer, Ken Gonzales-Day uses sites of lynching in California as a subject “I choose to be an artist. There was something for me about creating...

The Mentor Learning Experience

An indispensable part of the DePauw first-year experience can be credited in part to the devoted students and staff of the mentor program.     “I...