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Democratic Debate: Q&A

PHOTOS AND WORDS BY: Nate Wilhelm What are your thoughts on the Democratic Debate last night? Noah Roberts: “Bernie Sanders is currently the Democratic Front leader....

Cornhole vs. Bags: A Classic Midwest Rivalry

What I thought would be a simple question in my 10:00 a.m class became a full-blown debate, turning my once-friendly classmates into monsters. The...

Liberal, moderate divide on display in Democratic debate

By BILL BARROW and STEVE PEOPLES Associated Press HOUSTON (AP) — Joe Biden parried attack after attack from liberal rivals Thursday night on everything from...

DePauw overwhelmingly defeats Wabash in Monon Bell Debate Thursday night

Seniors Mickey Terlep and Matt Piggins debate against Wabash students Mason Hooper and Jacob Roehm on Thursday evening in the Watson Forum....