Democratic Debate: Q&A

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What are your thoughts on the Democratic Debate last night?

Noah Roberts: “Bernie Sanders is currently the Democratic Front leader. And they're trying to bring him down and also bring Michael Bloomberg down.”

Noah Roberts

Jack Omstead: “I thought it was pretty interesting. It wasn't as organized as the one in Nevada, and also being from Canada. It's interesting because the elections in the US are almost reality TV in a way.”


Zach Napora: "Well, it seemed like they're all attacking Bernie Sanders because he's the front runner right now. So, they're all attacking him. And There was a lot of squabbling and people trying to yell over each other so it's kind of hard to listen to at times.”

Are there any candidates who stick out to you?

NR: “I'm interested in like Pete Buttigieg, mainly because he's also a young guy. he's also more moderate, so I think he has more of a chance to win.”

JO: “I don't know who I support at the moment, but a lot of people are going after Bernie Sanders, and they're giving him a rough time. They're asking how things would add up and they're fair questions, but I think it could be a lot more organized.”

Jack Omstead

ZN: “Overall, there's not one candidate that I really like.”

Being a student, what policies are you most concerned with?

NR: “I know a lot of people that are in big time debt, so if there could be debt eliminated or at least decreased. Also making college cheaper.”

JO:“Bernie Sanders and his student debt policies. I think student debt is a massive problem, especially in the US with prices being so high. So, as someone who goes to school and helps pay for their education obviously I want to be supporting someone who looks out for people like myself.”

ZN: “My biggest one is, we need to fix the climate.”

Zach Napora