Students' personalities shine through in choice of backpacks


Matthew Peirce, sophomore:

It’s a North Face and it’s nice and colorful, but as a whole, I’d say it’s pretty normal, as far as backpacks go. When I got it, I was choosing between this one and another one; the other one had a built-in charger, which would have been cool, but it was like 250 bucks, and I didn’t want to spend 250 bucks on just a backpack. I’m a somewhat lazy person, so it’s good that my backpack can fit a lot of stuff in there since I forget to empty it out between classes. It’s nice, but it’s also heavy. The best thing I have in here is my computer charger—it’s the small things that are the best.

Ulyana Sinkovich, junior:

I’ve been carrying around this same backpack since high school. I’m from Chicago, and everyone in Chicago seems to love North Face backpacks, so that’s why I chose it, to fit in. It’s black and simple, which fits me. I like to wear a lot of black clothing, so it’s good to have a backpack that matches my outfits. I definitely prefer carrying my stuff around in a backpack versus a purse—it’s more comfortable and you can fit more stuff in there.

Yijie Wang, first-year:

This backpack is pretty basic. In it right now, I just have a notebook and pen for my afternoon class. I use this one when I have a lighter class load for the afternoon, and then I have a bigger one that holds more notebooks and textbooks and stuff that I use for my morning classes. I like this backpack because it’s smaller and not as bulky. It’s black, but still has a lighter touch to it. Carrying around this backpack is just my little way of letting my personality shine as I walk to class every day.

Olivia Page, sophomore:

I’ve had this backpack since junior year of high school. The most it’s ever held is about 30 pounds and the least is about 10 pounds. It’s falling apart now, but I don’t really want to get a new one because it makes me feel safe. My favorite thing that I have in my backpack is my journal; I try to write in it every day, and it doesn’t have anything to do with school. This backpack, with the purple and pink butterflies all over it, shows that I’m a studious person, but I also am a fun person.