Sandy Smith


Above everything else, Sandy Smith values her relationship with the Lord. A member of Greencastle Christian Church, Smith says, “The Lord motivates me. I wake up every morning and want to be joyful and be happy. Life’s too short.”

Smith’s joy for life is contagious and is present in everything she does. “Working with students and alumni is a privilege.” She is the current Manager of Programming and Outreach for the McDermond Center and has held various positions at DePauw for the past 30 years. “I honestly love coming to work...I love the team I work with.”

When asked what her favorite aspect about working at DePauw is, Smith did not hesitate: “The students.” Five years ago, Smith met a first-year student who found her way into the McDermond Center during the first week of classes. They quickly bonded over their shared faith and built a lasting relationship over the course of the student’s four years. As Smith would find out later, the student had prayed for a mentor.

Fondly known as “Mimi” by her beloved grandchildren, Smith can be found spending time with her family and volunteering outside of DePauw. The beach is her happy place. “It would be hard thinking about retirement. I try not to think about it, but I think about the beach,” she laughed.

Walking into the McDermond Center, one cannot miss Smith’s spirit for life and passion for people. “I will be forever grateful for the relationships I have built through the years. That’s what it’s all about.”