Midterm grades for first years only, upperclassmen dissatisfied


Students study for Midterms in the Atrium of Julian.

Currently students across DePauw’s campus are taking midterms, but only first-years will be receiving midterm grades.

The university has a policy of only releasing a midterm grade to first year students. This is done in an effort to allow first years to, “receive extra feedback while they are still adjusting to a college-level academic experience” said Dave Berque, Dean of Academic Life through email.

French professor Cheira Belguellaoui believes that midterm grades are a part of the job, and no hassle even with classes that have a wide variety of ages.

"I am particularly lenient with freshmen," she said.

The transition from high school to college is a large one, so to many, it makes sense for first years to receive midterm grades. However, upperclassmen will not receive midterm grades. This is due to the fact that they are believed to be more capable of judging their work than first years.

Only upperclassmen who are not performing well in class receive midterm grades. In those cases, professors like Belguellaoui will try to “meet and talk about it.”

And while some upperclassmen do not worry about getting midterm grades, some feel differently.

“My first year I could at least see my halfway point whether I was doing well, or not doing well,” said junior Sarah Salazar.

Midterm grades can be a good checking point for many students even if they feel they are doing well or not doing well.

“My sophomore year I was really disappointed that I didn’t get midterm grades” Salazar added.

There are ways around not getting a midterm grade. If you send an email or talk to your professors they are likely to give you a grade, or an idea of how you are doing.

However, this does not always work and some professors will not give you a grade even if you ask.

“I didn’t like that because I have the right to know if I’m doing well or not doing well,”  said Salazar.