IFC, Panhellenic keep first-years at arms-length


The DePauw Archives

Like many classes before them, first-years will have to wait until they can step foot on greek property.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) released a statement titled “A Return to Values Based Recruitment,” and it declares that, during the first four weeks of school, “First Year students will not be allowed on greek property at any time.”

Libby Warren, president of the Panhellenic Executive Board, said, “We have no say in that date whatsoever.”

The Panhellenic Association has its own rules for first years. Panhellenic’s “Recruitment Policies” from the 2012 -2013 school year states, “No first-year student is permitted to attend a sorority social function until Formal Recruitment is complete. This includes, but is not limited to, formals, in-formals, holiday parties, sisterhood activities, or co-sponsored greek events.”

It’s important to note greek property extends beyond mere chapter houses.  Panhellenic’s policy states, “If 50% of the residents of a group of students living in University Owned Apartments and Houses or Rector Village belong to the Panhellenic community, that housing is considered greek property, and first-years are not allowed on this property until sorority open hours.”

In the week leading up to Fall Break, “First Year students will be allowed on greek property from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. These times will apply to Sunday through Thursday only. Fridays and Saturdays will still be off-limits to First Year students.”

In this time period, fraternities and sororities will often invite freshmen to meals at the chapter house. Panhellenic offers two open houses this semester: the Family Weekend Open House on Sept. 27 and the Panhellenic Open House on Oct. 11. These casual, low-stress interactions allow first-years to develop meaningful relationships with both Greek members and their respective freshmen class.

Warren added, “The deferred recruitment gives time for people to decide what they want [out of Greek life] and not feel pressured.”

C.J. Cazee, IFC’s Vice President of Communication, strongly supports the rule as well.

“You’re going to get closer to your floormates, your mentor groups, and to your classmates in general,” Cazee said. “That’s going to build those relationships that are going to last throughout these four years [at DePauw] and for a lifetime after that.”

“It’s their first five weeks of college,” Jim Perry, president of the IFC Executive board, said. “There’s no need, especially with recruitment second semester, to throw freshmen into the fire. Let them acclimate to the [Greek] culture [and to] their classes and their schedules.

Perry stated, “The date all freshmen will be allowed [on Greek property] is Oct. 11.”