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An IFC Rush Forecast from an Upperclassmen’s Perspective

With the rush season upon DePauw, it’s important to look at the general schedule and what to expect from a physically and mentally taxing...

DePauw Greek Affiliation at an All-time Low

Over the past six years, Greek participation at DePauw has declined by 9 percentage points, with the last two years marking an all-time low...

2022 Greek recruitment results

Another year of Greek life recruitment was virtual for most part, as COVID-19 status on DePauw campus has remained red since the week of...

LTE: IFC and Panhellenic Address Campus Concerns Amid COVID-19

We, the men and women of DePauw University’s Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Association (PHA) have concerns about DePauw University’s COVID-19 regulations and how they affect our members and chapters.

Interfraternity Council President Updates Chapters on IFC “Self-Governance” Plans

A proposal that would give IFC an active role in disciplining fraternities for minor infractions has been sent to Dean of Students Myrna Hernandez...

Letter to the Editor: The State of the Experience, Two Years...

Two years ago, the IFC presidents crafted a letter raising their concerns over the increasing subjectivity and micromanagement of the DePauw administration. We, the...

DePauw to replace hard alcohol with kegs

DePauw University intends to ban hard alcohol from registered parties and allow kegs instead for the first time in years. The decision was made as...

DePauw University Interfraternity Council 2015 recruitment results

Alpha Tau Omega – 25 Eric Addy Michael Alverson Norbert Austria Nick Babinski Clifford Chi Creed...

IFC’s quota drops, Panhellenic runs into problems with shirts, venue

Potential new members or "PNMs" excitedly grasp the envelopes that hold their bid cards. ZACH TAYLOR/ THE DEPAUW Formal recruitment ended...

EDITORIAL: Panhellenic drinking restrictions make women the outsiders at campus parties

Traditionally, students all over campus would be waking up late today with headaches and queasy stomachs, sick from over-drinking due to last night’s celebrations....