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Insight from International Students on Greek Recruitment 2023

Navigating the social scene at DePauw through Greek life comes with the promise of lasting connections, personal development, and a shared bond of siblinghood....

Can independents get the true “DePauw experience?”

Greek life is something that I’ve witnessed as integral to “the DePauw experience,” a term that I was glaringly unaware of as a first-year...

Meet the Greek house pets!

When you picture the typical life of a pet, a massive house filled with 60+ college students may not be what you’re thinking of....

Home away from home: Greek life for diverse students

For many DePauw students, being in Greek life is a vital element of the “DePauw experience.” But despite the high numbers of Greek participation,...

Greek life website not updated in years

The ‘Greek Life’ section of the DePauw University website has not been updated for several years, lacking current information on a variety of topics...

Philanthropy during a pandemic: How Greek chapters adapt to COVID-19 restrictions...

Philanthropic service is a core value of most Greek organizations. Members work year-round to support their chapter’s philanthropic efforts by holding fundraising events, volunteering...

Meet the Greek staff who make each house a home

DePauw students are likely familiar with the student leaders that run the Greek chapters across campus, but many don’t know about the various dedicated...

Recruitment recap 2022

Despite growing concerns around a decline in Greek affiliation at DePauw, the results of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic’s primary recruitment process that...

DePauw Greek Affiliation at an All-time Low

Over the past six years, Greek participation at DePauw has declined by 9 percentage points, with the last two years marking an all-time low...

2022 Greek recruitment results

Another year of Greek life recruitment was virtual for most part, as COVID-19 status on DePauw campus has remained red since the week of...