How to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of Becca Tapert

February is upon us and it would seem as though love is in the air. Although Valentine’s Day is frequently thought of as a holiday reserved for those with a special someone, self-love is just as, if not more, important than romantic love. Here are five ideas to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day, all right here in Greencastle.  

1. Create a 2023 Vision Board

By February, you probably have a good sense of whether or not your New Year's resolutions have come to fruition. If you’ve struggled to maintain your resolution(s) or you opted not to set one in the first place, fear not. There is no right or wrong time to plan for positive change in your life. A vision board can be whatever you want it to be. Create it with the intention of setting goals for the person you want to become or continue to be throughout the rest of the new year and beyond. If you find yourself struggling for inspiration, head to Pinterest or Tiktok to see what others have added to their 2023 vision boards. Remember that the most important part of goal setting is to be realistic; change doesn’t happen overnight.

2. Take Yourself on a Date

A self-date can take many forms. You could start with an activity like taking yourself to Peeler to admire the work of your peers, or going for a long walk in the nature park. Afterwards, you could head to dinner at Bridges, TapHouse, or Hoover. Although sitting alone at a restaurant can feel intimidating, it can also be an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy your own company. For some, being alone in public can feel uncomfortable, but it’s important to remember that more likely than not, no one is paying as close attention to you as you think they are. What’s more, people watching on Valentine’s Day is unmatched. 

3. Make Yourself a Bouquet

As Miley Cyrus points out, you can in fact buy yourself flowers. Head to Walmart or Kroger to find premade bouquets or choose an assortment of mini bouquets to create something more elaborate. Building your own bouquet is also a great opportunity to lean into your artistic side and appreciate your talents. Adding flowers to your space could be an especially good idea for those who feel betrayed by fool’s springs and find themselves longing for the real thing. Flowers can brighten any space; purchasing them for yourself could also be good for those whose love language is gift-giving. If flowers aren't your thing, you could opt for a succulent instead, which can have the same ‘brightening’ effect while also lasting longer. 

4. Have a Self-Care Night

Enjoy Netflix’s role back of their password-sharing rule and curl up with your comfort show, or find a new favorite movie. Self-care can look different for everyone. Try to find an activity that feels like a “reset” and puts you at ease, or an activity that will help you to feel more on top of things. For some, an ideal self-care night could look like unplugging technology and taking time to reflect and journal. For others, self-care might look like cleaning your room and putting on a face mask. 

5. Cook Yourself an Elaborate Dinner

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a well-balanced meal. If you’re not quite comfortable in the kitchen, Tiktok tutorials can be a great place to start. Consider challenging yourself by attempting to make something you’ve never made before. Pick up some ingredients from the C-store or stop by Kroger or Walmart and utilize the kitchen in your living space. If venturing from the safety of your room feels infeasible and you have a microwave in your space, you could add a degree of difficulty by making your meal in the microwave. Again, Tiktok tutorials are a great resource for this. 

Regardless of how or with whom you spend Valentine’s Day, remember to take a moment to appreciate yourself. You deserve it.