Dante Stewart

Dante Stewart '20
Dante Stewart '20

Dante Stewart, a junior, used two words to describe his current position in life: student and entrepreneur. When he is not studying to earn his degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Japanese Studies, he can be found working hard to further develop his company, Underscore. Before it started, Underscore was just an idea shared by four black teenage boys from New York –– Stewart is one of them.

Stewart described Underscore as a platform for artists of all types to collaborate with other artists and share their own content. Today, the company has featured over 100 different artists, from singers to filmmakers to sculptors to fashion designers. All artists are welcomed and celebrated. With the slogan “Make a name for yourself,” Stewart hopes to help creatives strengthen their brand and share their art with the world.

For Stewart, Underscore is the perfect way for him to fulfill an even deeper passion, one that extends beyond the art itself. He wants to create spaces, especially for people of color, to gain access to the same opportunities as others. “I’m tired of being exposed to this sense of whiteness, especially when I know there are folks that look like me who are equally as talented. I want to give those people a chance too.”