10 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays


10 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

  1.      Take Some YOU Time

Focus on yourself while you have the free time! It can be as simple as relaxing and taking a break from your busy routine, or you could dig a little deeper, meditate, and reflect on the past year. Indulge in your favorite pastimes—play video games, read a book, get lost in your favorite songs, watch a movie marathon, etc. Whatever it may be, enjoy stress-free activities while you have a break.

  1.      Sleep

Catch up on the sleep you’ve lost over the past few months. Holiday breaks are the perfect time to correct your sleep schedule. Enjoy sleeping in while you don’t have class. Working on getting eight hours every night. It also never hurts to take advantage of an occasional nap!

  1.      Keep an Active Balance

While the holidays are the perfect time to rest and relax, it is also important to keep a good balance of activities. Stay active! It doesn’t have to be dragging yourself to the gym either! Make it fun! Go ice-skating with friends and family for example.  

  1.      Don’t OVERstuff yourself

Food is a staple during the holidays. It’s hard to fight the temptation but know your limits! Eating slowly will help with digestion, so take your time on that first plate. It’s okay to pass on seconds, too. Don’t eat everything, but rather choose your favorite dishes and incorporate some healthy options. Drinking water with meals also helps with digestion.

  1.      Drink Responsibly

The holidays offer many opportunities to celebrate with friends and family; however, drinking excessively can be very dangerous. Know your limits and do not push them. Nobody wants to spend the holidays hungover, so be smart about what and how much you drink if any at all.

  1.      Take Preventative Measures

Flu season is in full swing. Over the holidays, you will interact with many people, which means a lot of germs. You can never be too safe. Fight infections by using hand sanitizer and washing your hands regularly. Cover coughs and sneezes. Taking a multivitamin can also help strengthen your immune system.

  1.      Stay Warm

A great way to get sick is being underdressed in the cold. Pay attention to the weather conditions and dress accordingly. Bundle up if it is below freezing. Wear protective gear such as gloves, earmuffs, hats, and scarves to combat the wind.

  1.      Moisturize

As silly as it may seem, it is important to take extra good care of your skin over the holidays. The cold weather dries out the skin and your lips. Excessively dry skin can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Apply lotion at least once a day and keep a chapstick handy at all times.

  1.      Exercise Your Brain

Although the holidays are a time to destress and enjoy friends and family, it is still important to exercise your brain. Recreational reading and playing board games are just two examples of fun, creative ways to workout your brain! Doing so will make it easier to get back in the swing of school after break is over.

  1.  Be Cautious

It is very important to be aware of the weather during the holidays. Icy and cold conditions can make for a dangerous environment. Be cautious when walking and driving. Being unprepared for and unaware of icy conditions may result in serious injuries.