Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Combatting COVID: How to Stay Healthy at DePauw

Since COVID-19 hit the world monumentally in 2019, it is unfortunately on the rise again. In the past week, there have been seven deaths...

Sarah Hill Talks About Impact of Hormonal Contraceptives

On Thursday, Sept. 29, students attended a speaker series sponsored by the psychology department entitled “Women, Hormones, and the Birth Control Pill: How Hormonal...

DePauw Announces Universal Mask Policy for the Fall Semester

Effective Monday, June 22 all DePauw students and employees will be required to wear medical masks, cloth face coverings, or non-medical masks inside University-owned...

Indiana & Illinois COVID-19 Tracker Map *Updated 4/10*

Disclaimer: the information below is obsolete, as we have stopped updating statistics since April 11. Please visit (Indiana) or (Illinois) for official,...

How Coronavirus Has Affected DePauw: A Round-Up

As the number of reported coronavirus cases in Indiana increases to six, DePauw, like other universities across the U.S., has taken measures to protect...

2 New COVID-19 Cases In Indiana, Boosting State's Total To 6

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Two more people in Indiana have been sickened by the coronavirus, boosting the state's total cases to six, health officials said...

Officials: 2 new COVID-19 cases in Indiana, state now has 4

By RICK CALLAHAN Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Two additional cases of the new coronavirus have been diagnosed in Indiana, including one in a suburban...

Face-to-Face Classes Canceled on Mar. 19 and 20 in Response to...

Classes will be canceled on Mar. 19 and 20 in order for faculty to develop plans to offer online instruction, should that become necessary...

Seven Study Abroad Students Directly Impacted by Coronavirus

Seven DePauw students who are studying in Italy have been relocated, due to the coronavirus, according to Mandy Brookins, associate dean of experiential learning. Five...

Get More Z’s, Please?

How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Five, six, maybe seven? According to the Mayo Clinic, adults require 7-9 hours of...