WGRE artists in concert


Now that September has ended, DePauw students wake up to a number of un-pleasantries. Workloads have increased, midterms are soon sprouting, and fall break seems to be quite a reach away. In order to pass through this purgatory before break, it’s essential that one treats themselves accordingly. One way to do so: go to a concert.

Concerts offer an alluring opportunity to see an artist in a more personal realm. For many, a show can validate admiration of an artist, exhibiting them in an authentic light. For others, it can trounce an artist, sealing their fate as studio phonies. As avid concertgoers, the WGRE music staff encourages you to strap on your dancing kicks and check out these featured artists around the Midwest.

Warpaint- This Angeleno group has become an indie rock allure in 2014. Released in January, their self-titled sophomore record is an eerie entity, spreading dark synths over stripped down riffs. Songs like “Keep It Healthy,” “Love Is To Die,” and “Disco//Very” evoke their downbeat manner. The foursome showcased their record through an extensive summer festival circuit – highlighted by a well-rounded Coachella set. However, this band deserves an intimate environment, one containing the sinister tone that they sublimely cast. They’ll take on Chicago’s Vic Theatre this Sunday.

Big Gigantic – Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, this groovy duo has become a festival mainstay over the past few summers. Fusing hip-hop bits alongside a live saxophone, Big G invites a wide range of modern music listeners. They’re an adequate fit for fans that aren’t entirely absorbed by EDM but value how electronic components compliment live renditions. Although their most recent album, “The Night Is Young,” is arguably fluffy, they tend to rely on the saxophone foundation that has made them omnipresent on festival tickers. Tunes like “The Heavyweight Champion” and “Nocturnal” more accurately depict their live tone. Champaign’s Canopy Club will house the duo on October 12.   

Gardens & Villa- This Santa Barbara band has been a mainstay over WGRE airwaves since their self-titled debut in 2011. “Dunes,” their sophomore disc, elevated the band after its release this January. An appeasing mix of dreamy synths and an occasional flute, songs like “Domino” and “Bullet Train” separate them from other indie rockers as a distinctive listen. They compliment their amiable appearance with cool hued lights, most notably pinks, purples, and blues. They’re set to showcase them on October 16 at Radio Radio in Indianapolis.