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Strike-ending deal will shape Chicago schools for years

By KATHLEEN FOODY Associated Press CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago teachers and more than 300,000 students affected by an 11-day strike returned to classrooms Friday amid a tentative...

Cornhole vs. Bags: A Classic Midwest Rivalry

What I thought would be a simple question in my 10:00 a.m class became a full-blown debate, turning my once-friendly classmates into monsters. The...

Chicago Company Plans 1,800-acre Indiana Solar Farm

FAIRBANKS, Ind. (AP) — A renewable energy company is aiming to start construction later this year on a solar farm over about 1,800 acres...

Recap: Women's Volleyball At Gargoyle Classic In Chicago

This weekend the DePauw women’s volleyball team played three games over the course of two days at the Gargoyle Classic in Chicago.  On Friday Aug....

WGRE Review: Underrated Festivals of the Summer

“To Bunbury, or to go bunburying, is to have a made-up excuse to get out of doing something boring.” Having stumbled upon this official...

WGRE artists in concert

Now that September has ended, DePauw students wake up to a number of un-pleasantries. Workloads have increased, midterms are soon sprouting, and...