Ways to DeStress from DePauw’s Heavy Workload

Studying for finals
Studying for finals

Fall semester of 2022 is in full swing and is officially halfway over. After fall break, it can be overwhelming to jump back into the world of DePauw following a full week off. Even when students can get a free moment, it can be impossible to stop thinking about the rest of the work that lies ahead. Here are a few fun and easy things to do to let some of that stress go. 


  1. Go to a sporting event

This is a great way to spend time away from work while supporting the tigers. Even if you don’t like sports, these events are one of the only places on campus where you can scream out your stress without being judged. Plus, the Monon Bell game is right around the corner! You can find the schedule for sport games on DePauw Athletics


2. Go to the bowling alley

The 3G Bowl is about a mile away from campus and is a fun way to engage in a friendly competition with your peers. They have food that brings back childhood memories, and it's relatively inexpensive. Plus, throwing a heavy ball down a runway definitely relieves some stress.


3. Ask to pet someone's dog

Local Greencastle residents walk their dogs through DePauw’s campus regularly, most prominently around 5:30-6:00 p.m. It can be hard coming back from break and leaving your pets at home, but there are some pretty cute ones around town. 


4. Explore the nature park before it gets too cold

It is perfect weather to visit the nature park. I never realize how much a walk outside helps me mentally until after I’ve done it. I’ve gone to the nature park alone and with my friends, both of which can be a good way to take a break from the stress of school. 


5. Go to the movie theater

Ashley Square Cinema is right off campus across from the Inn at DePauw. A break in complete darkness with no obligation to talk to anyone is definitely a great way to help ease anxiety. 


6. Check out a new restaurant

The Whisk is a beautiful new restaurant located just a short walk away from campus. I went there for brunch and the food was amazing. The staff was so kind and they even had free coffee. Check out their website for the hours of operation and location. 

It sometimes seems like there's absolutely nothing that can take the stress away from school, especially while living in a new town. Although, there are small things on campus and around town that can help you take your mind off school in a healthy way.