Tiger of the Week: Chandler Nicholson

Chandler Nicholson, senior, is this week's Tiger of the Week.
Chandler Nicholson, senior, is this week's Tiger of the Week.

Tiger of the Week: Chandler Nicholson

  • Hometown: Bedford, Indiana

  • Grade: Senior

  • Major: Kinesiology

Chandler Nicholson won this past weeks’ North Coast Atlantic Conference (NCAC) Defensive Player of the Week award, after the senior linebacker recorded two interceptions and touchdown, which led the Tigers to a 38-17 win over Ohio Wesleyan University.

The DePauw: What does this NCAC award mean to you?

Chandler Nicholson: “It means a lot to me. It helps me see my progress and makes the game even more fun when you get recognized for your hard work.”

TDP: What training during the off-season would you contribute to your success?

CN: “My training that I did was a lot of weights and explosive training. My dad trains athletes, and so he pushed me all summer and helped me get to where I am. We did a lot of what we called ‘man strength’ workouts like flipping tires and swinging sledge hammers, chopping wood and stuff like that also.”

TDP: What are your expectations for this season?

CN: “My expectation is to help the team win the conference and bring the bell back to the castle. We have one of the top defenses and the offense is looking good.”

TDP: What does your daily regimen consist of when it comes to balancing school and Football?

CN: “I have five classes so it gets pretty crazy. I wake up at 7 a.m. throughout the week so I get breakfast, I have classes all day, and I study between classes and watch film with the coaches. I go out to the stadium about an hour early so I can get treatment from the training staff. After a game your going to be beat up so you make sure your body stays in one piece. And then I either study what I need, watch more film, or go hangout with the guys and watch some football or play video games.”

TDP: What does it mean to be an athlete at DePauw?

CN: “Being an athlete at DePauw is amazing. You get a great education and get to play the sport or sports you love on top of that. People that are hiring for big companies love student athletes because it shows that the student knows how to manage their time and has the work ethic to succeed on the field and in the classroom.”