The making of The DePauw: Back to School edition


From left, Leah Williams, co-news editor, Nicole DeCriscio, managing editor, 
Leann Burke, editor in chief and Erin O'Brien, multimedia editor, work on the Back to School
edition of The DePauw. BUFFY ANDREWS / THE DEPAUW


Each summer, the staff of The DePauw returns to DePauw University's campus a week before the new first-year class moves in to produce the Back to School edition. The staff works a 40-hour work week of nothing but journalism to bring the people of the DePauw community a newspaper with everything they need to go to start the year off right. This year, The DePauw brought in Buffy Andrews of the York Daily Record to train the staff on digital journalism. She put together a slide show to take our audience behind the scenes of the Back to School edition.