Tenzer Director Search Committee Continues to Look for Right Candidate

Academic Quad
Academic Quad

The search committee in charge of finding a director for the upcoming Tenzer Technology Center is still looking for someone to hire after almost a year of searching.

“We are committed to finding the right candidate,” Rick Provine, director of libraries and a member of the search committee, said.

The Tenzer Technology Center will join the other centers on DePauw’s campus to offer students a visual technology space for to improve their skills in many technological areas. There will also be a Tenzer Technology Intern Program which will provide added opportunities for students who take part in the program to gain even more experience.

Provine, committee co-chairs Dave Berque and Carol Smith and the rest of the committee have been meeting with potential candidates since the 2017 spring semester. Provine said they are taking their time because they are waiting for the right candidate.

“We want someone who can connect with the students, as well as someone with the networking skills to get internships and create alliances with businesses in the field. There is sort of an array of things you want each of these centers to do,” Provine said, adding that there are not a lot of candidates who have the knowledge in the type of visual technology they want in the center.

Tenzer is a part of the upcoming renovations to Roy O. West library. The renovations were set to begin during the 2018-2019 academic year, but they have been postponed due to financial issues. However, Provine said the Tenzer Center can still be created in Roy O. West before the renovations begin.

“The center will be more fully realized when we renovate,” Provine said. “But we can repurpose some of the space here for the time being.”

The creation of the center will not begin, however, until a new director is picked. Provine said they want the new director’s knowledge during the creation process.

“We’re looking for expertise and for someone to help us imagine what the center will look like and what kind of equipment and what are the array of services,” said Provine. “I think we owe it to the person who is going to be the director to let them shape what that is going to look like.”

Sophomore computer science major Chad Sellers said he is looking forward to the opportunity to grow his knowledge in technology outside of the computer science classes he takes.

“I learn a lot in the classes I take, but I think it would be a cool experience to have programs and opportunities outside the classroom like the PCCM (Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media) for media students,” Sellers said.

The center is looking to broaden its reach to all DePauw students in all majors. Junior Erika Repass is excited for the chance to improve her technology skills.

“I hope they have Tenzer done at some point while I am still here because I am not the best with technology and having a center where I can go in and improve those skills would be great,” Repass said.

The search will be ongoing through the 2018 spring semester.