TDP Post-It: Weekend Update


Here are four things to know today: 

1. Students weigh-in on DePauw’s future:

Fourteen students participated in Wednesday’s collaborative planning session focusing on “the renewal and reimagination of DePauw as a 2lst Century liberal arts university.”

Students assessed DePauw’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities so the committee may decide what appropriate changes can be made to distinguish them from peer universities. 

Students answered three questions:

  • How can we stay true to the liberal arts tradition and position DePauw to attract and meet the needs of the newest generation of students?
  • As compared to other colleges and universities, what do you see as DePauw’s current strengths and biggest challenges?
  • What is your boldest idea for reimaging DePauw?

Read more about this planning session and students' answers in Cole Momcilovich’s story here.

2. Another week of Black Lives Matter demonstrations

On Saturday, Oct. 17 Greencastle residents and DePauw students gathered in the square for another weekend of Black Lives Matter demonstrations. These Saturday demonstrations originated over the summer and have continued into the school year. This week, it took the form of a sidewalk rally for Black Lives Matter. 

See Abigail McArthur-Self’s documentation of how the community has organized in response to police brutality and racial tensions here

3. Breadworks by Bridges

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, Breadworks, Greencastle’s newest bakery opened its doors.  The bakery is located downtown Greencastle, between Scoops and the fire station. It is open Wednesday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Breadworks is owned by Joyce Green, and her late husband Judson. Prior to this, the two established Bridges Craft Pizza & Wine Bar, as well as the community space “Music on the Square”. Judson Green is a 1974 DePauw graduate, and Joyce graduated a year later. The philanthropist couple have donated a total of $30 million to DePauw’s School of Music, and are the namesakes of the university’s Green Center for Performing Arts. After Judson Green passed away Sept. 1, 2020, Joyce Green, as well as others in the Green family, commemorate his life with the bakery. 

Breadworks sells donuts, pastries, bread, specialty drinks, juices, and more.

Read Zaheen Rashed’s review of the new bakery here.

4. Vietnamese student population grows

For the first time in DePauw's history, the Class of 2024 Convocation had a Vietnamese translator. In addition to this, DePauw published its international brochure in Vietnamese, and both of the co-presidents of the International Student Association are Vietnamese.

Over the last three year, the number of Vietnamese students went from 5 in the Class of 2022 to 21 in the Class of 2023, and has increased to 29 Vietnamese students in the class of 2024. 

Learn more about the recent influx in Troy Tien Nguyen’s story here.