TDP Post-It: Tuesday, Oct. 27

  1. Biden Campaign 

Native Hoosier Ron Klain returned to his home state to deliver a final campaign push to 37 Biden campaign volunteers at their weekly “motivational Monday” phone bank. 

David J. Ziemba, an ‘03 DePauw graduate, is the State Coordinator for Joe Biden for Indiana, and he organized the virtual phone bank where volunteer callers contact constituents in key Indiana battlegrounds. Klain, who is rumored to take the same role if Biden wins on Nov. 3, was invited to speak to the volunteers before they started making calls. 

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2. When Truth Mattered With Bob Giles 

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, as part of the four-part pre-election discussion series put on by the Pulliam Center of Contemporary Media and Prindle Institute, Bob Giles ‘55 will be speaking. Giles is the former managing editor of the Akron-Beacon Journal and received a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Kent State Massacre in his book When Truth Mattered. 

Tonight, Giles ‘55 will be discussing issues like state violence and more at 6:30 p.m. EDT. Students can register for the event here. 

3. DePauw Athletics: Through The Phases 

COVID-19 sidelined DePauw’s athletic competitions for the fall 2020 season. In response to the pause in competition, DePauw’s athletic department put together a plan to phase-in the return of athletics. This three-phase plan aims to keep athletes safe and healthy as they ease back into team sporting events.

Each phase has its own specific set of guidelines that work in conjunction with the other phases to ensure that sports teams are prepared to protect everyone while practicing. The main difference between the last two phases is that phase two restricts practices to be either offense or defense only training while phase three allows for full offense vs defense training. However, because some sports require facility-usage or contact that put them at more risk than other sports, the guidelines vary by sport depending on the risk of viral transmission. 

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4. Another Spike In COVID-19 Cases 

There are currently 11 active COVID-19 cases on DePauw University’s campus, 6 people in isolation, and 30 in quarantine as of noon on Tuesday, Oct. 26.  More information is on the  COVID Dashboard.