TDP Post-It: Thursday, Sept. 17


1. Student organizations to be featured on student government Instagram

DePauw Student Government is taking the student activities fair to Instagram this semester. 

In a direct message, DePauw Student Government (DSG), said they will be featuring all recognized organizations on their Instagram in coming weeks. An email to students with contact information for organization leaders will accompany the Instagram feature. “Clubs will have a 30-60 second promotional video on DSG and Campus Activities on Instagram,” DSG said in a message. DSG decided on this alternate route after the normal campus activities fair for first-years was cancelled due to complications with  COVID-19. 

2. Students spread word about weekend protest in Greencastle

A flyer for an upcoming Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Greencastle has been circulating on DePauw students’ social media. Protests are scheduled for September 19 and 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Greencastle Square Courthouse Lawn.

Protesters have been gathering there for the last several weeks. 

The flyer encourages all protesters to wear a mask and maintain social distance while protesting.

Posters can be made beforehand starting at 10:30 a.m. at Conspire.

Students with questions or concerns can email

3. President White proposes $10 million plan for 2020-21 budget gap

The board of trustees’ executive committee supports President Lori White’s proposal to balance the estimated remaining 2020-2021 budget gap. President White proposed to close the gap with special fundraising and/or an additional endowment draw of up to $10 million. The proposal will be made to the full board in October. 

4. Legendary DePauw football coach Nick Mourouzis dies

DePauw legend, Coach Nick Mourouzis, died Sept. 16. He was head coach of the DePauw football program for 23 seasons and the namesake of the university’s football field.