TDP Post-It: Thursday, Feb. 18


1. Student Campus Symposium with President White Today at 5 p.m. on Zoom

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee and President White will be hosting a virtual symposium entitled “Reimagining DePauw’s Future Together” today from 5-6 p.m. This symposium will review the strategic planning processes that are currently implemented, discuss an update on moving from Phase I to Phase II, and have a community conversation about the objectives and activities presented, including, but not limited to, enhancing recruitment and retention of students.

More information about the regularly updated planning processes can be found on the Strategic Planning website.

Join the symposium here.

2. Marvin’s No Longer Accepts DePauw Tiger Express

91% of 150 DePauw students believe that eating at Marvin’s, the small restaurant located right off campus, enhances their “DePauw experience,” according to a survey posted on The DePauw’s Instagram story.

Although the restaurant has been widely beloved among DePauw students for decades, this will be the first semester in a number of years that Marvin’s will not accept Tiger Express dollars.

Read more about the opinions of DePauw students reported by Olivia Jennings here.

3. Transitioning Back Into Fully Remote School

Several DePauw students are fully remote for this Spring semester. This includes international students who chose to stay in their home country. Some students, such as performance or art majors, have to get creative with their school set-up while they are learning remotely.

Read the experiences of DePauw students on remote schooling reported by Gina Chuang here.