Talk of library renovation calms but plan still in place


A student studies in the tree houses located on the first floor of Roy O. West library.

As fall semester progresses, plans for renovations to Roy O. West Library has become an increasingly higher priority. Multiple open sessions to discuss the revamps with faculty and students have yielded productive feedback, but have only confirmed that renovations are a necessity.

“A lot of the things discussed [in the open sessions] are relatively obvious to everyone since we haven’t updated the library in so long," Dean of Libraries, Rick Provine, said. "Things like light, temperature, upgraded furniture and more outlets to bring [Roy O. West] up to meet the times.”

Anastasia Wells, a librarian at Roy O. West, states that the majority of librarians have all experienced the same frustrations with lighting and technical difficulties that students have, and are looking forward to the revamp.

“ We are all a little tired of the electrical issues that we have,” Wells said. “And students just don’t have what they need.”

Provine affirms that the open sessions held this fall were very successful and students continue to reach out to him via e-mail with responses to the renovation plans.

“The biggest request from students is that we keep the tree-houses,” Provine said, “otherwise there haven’t been many concerns.”

Wells attended these open sessions and thinks they were beneficial to faculty and students alike.

“It’s really vital to make sure we have everyone’s input,” Wells said, “If we don’t ask students what they want and instead make assumptions, I think that’s a mistake.”

Wells said that the open discussions ensured that student and faculty desires aligned.

Back in September, Provine and Anne Harris, Vice President of Academic Affairs, stated that by February, a timetable for renovation should be cemented. Provine confirmed that that prediction is still accurate.

“[Renovations] may start after commencement and they may not,” he said, “We need to determine the implications of use of the facility while renovation is taking place and get further along [in the planning process] before knowing for sure.”

For those who are interested in contributing to the planning process, the open sessions aren’t the only option. Provine encourages students and faculty who wish to voice their thoughts and concerns to contact him.

“Anything we can do to keep the lines of communication open is helpful and healthy,” he said.