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A First-Year Perspective on Freshman Orientation

I’ve lived in the same county, town, and house my entire life. I’ve never had to experience a drastic move ever, and I am...

Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Year

On a quiet Saturday morning, packed cars breathe life into the dormant streets of Greencastle, Indiana. Students flood the residential halls of South Quad...

10 Things to Know About Freshman Year

Don’t skip class unless you absolutely have to. Even if you’re an independent learner, going to class is a must in college. Forget...

A defense of the first-year Greek property rule

In last week’s edition of The DePauw, Mary Leonard contributed a critique of DePauw’s prohibition of first-years on Greek property before mid-October. In contrast,...

A critique of the no first-years on Greek property rule

      Many first-years think the “no first-years allowed on Greek property rule” is unjust for a variety of reasons. I believe it is unjust...

Class of 2021 opening convocation: photo gallery

Members of DePauw University class of 2021 and their families arrived in Greencastle on Aug 18 as part of first-year orientation, campus-wide procession, and...