Friday, November 27, 2020
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DePauw Has Lost A Quarter Of Their Enrollment Over The Last...

DePauw University’s enrollment has decreased by 25.6 percent since 2011.  In 2011 DePauw had 2,352 students enrolled, and this fall, there are only 1,751 students...

Enrollment Numbers See a Consistent Decrease Over The Past 5 Years

For the past five years, enrollment numbers at DePauw University have been consistently decreasing. Currently, there are 513 students less than 2015, with the...

Number of Prospective Student Applications Up From Last Year

  The number of Depauw applications have increased in the past year. Comparatively, DePauw has received 5,434 applications this year as opposed to the 4,855...

Early numbers show significantly smaller class of 2023

Following the May 1 deadline, only 445 first-year students have committed to attending DePauw University in fall of 2019, President Mark McCoy announced at the end of Monday’s monthly faculty meeting. This means the incoming class could be nearly 20% smaller than the goal size as well as 20% smaller than the class of 2022.

The DePauw experience or lack there of

My sister was recently accepted into DePauw, and I am hesitant to support her decision to come here. During her informal visit to the University...

Anthony Jones VP of Enrollment Management leaves DePauw

Anthony Jones, who started working as Vice President of Enrollment Management at the beginning of the school year, is leaving DePauw. According to President Mark...


Student-athletes get creative: approaching new workout routines

Whether Emily Thompson is listening to her favorite song, finishing homework, eating a quick snack or conversing with her teammates, the two hour round-trip...

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