Thursday, June 8, 2023
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DePauwty Must Go On: Halloween Following COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, DePauw no longer had haunted houses in Greek residences, escape rooms at East College, or social events where students could dress...

Several Fall Term Classes Temporarily Canceled Or Moved Online Due To...

As faculty and students enjoyed in-person classes and activities after a year of online or mixed classes, COVID-19 once again caused issues. According to...

DePauw Keeps Mask Requirement While Lifting Other COVID-19 Restrictions

Preparing for a fully in-person, residential experience in the fall, DePauw’s Campus Restart Team released updates to campus policies, which are in accordance with...

How to Throw a Party During a Pandemic?

Despite its size, DePauw has consistently ranked among the top party schools in the nation. But with COVID-19 restrictions in place all semester, DePauw...

Visitors, Vaccines, and Everything COVID-19

In the last two weeks, COVID-19 policies on campus and in the larger Putnam County communities have faced several new changes.  On campus, a revised...

Hoover Hall: Feeding a COVID-19 Campus

Despite decreasing its seating capacity from 500 to 118, Hoover Hall has been open for service since the start of the Spring semester.  As the...

After Almost Full Year, Seniors Return To Campus

Senior Kathleen Curran returned to campus early to help mentor transfer students as they arrived on campus. Curran, who had initially planned to live...