Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Cold enough for you?

Last week, the Midwest was bombarded with freezing temperatures, some areas getting as low as -56 degrees in Minnesota. This was followed up with...

Climate change is real

On Aug. 17, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. Over the next five weeks, four more hurricanes battered the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast,...

EDITORIAL: Obama abandons anger translator when it comes to climate change

This weekend those readying themselves for prom included not only high school students across the nation, but politicians and news anchors, as the White...

OPINION: An International Perspective of the People’s Climate March

Sarah White is a junior environmental-geoscience major from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. On September 21, 2014, more than 400,000 people showed up...

OPINION: The People’s Climate March and the truth about climate change

Elise Johns is a first-year undecided major from Carmel, Indiana. Imagine 400,000 impassioned and motivated people — students, professionals, teachers and...
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Campus Cats and Where To Find Them

Looking for a stress reliever? One on-campus remedy has four paws, wide eyes and whiskers. Yes, we have campus cats. These cute furry creatures...