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4 Tips for Making Constructive Course Choices: 2024 Spring Semester

Editor's Note: Due to recent cybersecurity concerns, as detailed in an email sent to students and faculty on October 31, e-Services Course Requests are currently...

Tiger Advice: Navigating DePauw’s Jungle #3

Dear Zoe,  How do I stay motivated to do my readings for class, even when my professor doesn’t discuss them later on? -John This is such...

Tiger Advice: Navigating DePauw's Jungle #2

Dear Zoe,  How do you like to relax on campus and where are some sweet study spots?- Maia Hi Maia! With classes and extracurriculars starting all...

Homesick Remedies

The first few weeks of school can be some of the toughest for first-years. You’ve just said goodbye to your families, and are for...

Back to School: 10 tips for a winning semester

1. Get organized - Although it has been said that the most creative people are also the messiest, the beginning of the school year is...

Back to School: Dorm room advice

While dorm life is a new and possibly daunting change from the lives you are leaving behind, it can also be an exciting and...