Homesick Remedies


The first few weeks of school can be some of the toughest for first-years. You’ve just said goodbye to your families, and are for the most part living on your own for the first time. You may feel sad, lonely, anxious or any number of other feelings. 

If you’re experiencing something like this, don’t worry. You are most likely just feeling homesick, which according to NBC News 69% of other students on college campuses also feel. 

 Homesickness affects students all around America every year. It’s the feeling of missing your home, your family, and your friends.

First-year Hollie Harper has already been struggling with homesickness. She suggested a few things that have helped her: 

  • Participating  in campus activities.
  • Talking to your family, roommate(s) and friends about your condition. 
  • Getting out of your room. Don’t just lock yourself inside. Eat healthy and connect with your mentors, RAs and upperclassmen.

At the end of the day, “Time heals wounds,'' Harper said.

First-year students aren’t the only ones experiencing homesickness. Amreha Masooma Huq, now a sophomore, said she had difficulty with homesickness as a first-year. 

 “I had trouble coping with depression and I dealt with it by talking to my father. Homesickness is normal and it always helps to talk to others about your issues.” Huq said.

Even seniors experience homesickness. Senior, Salman Haider, shared his story and offered tips to other homesick students.

“Stay well connected with your friends and family back home.” Haider said. “DePauw’s counseling department caters many students all around the year with issues like these. If nothing helps, students can visit them free of charge.” 

At the end, whether you come from another country or a town twenty minutes away, experiencing homesickness is completely normal and you should always feel free to talk about it.