Students navigate their busy schedules


Everyone in the DePauw community knows DePauw University students are busy. Whether it is the rigor of their classes or involvement in athletics, Greek organizations and other clubs, the culture of DePauw has celebrated being over-committed student. From the moment students step on to campus as a first year, first year mentors and advisors teach them how to juggle the fate that lies just a few weeks ahead. 

Usually by the time midterms come around, DePauw students realize they probably need to take a more aggressive approach to organizing their lives. Some students go see the Dean of Experiential Learning and Career Planning Raj Bellani at the Hubbard Center to set up a color-coded Google calendar with times slotted for meals, class, studying and sleep. Others simply start using an agenda.

Like many students, Junior Cory Hall’s life rests on her calendar.

“It’s from Wal-Mart but I carry it everywhere with me,” Hall said. “I like being able to see the open spaces (or lack thereof) so I can understand my free time or flexibility.” 

As a swimmer and newly named President of Alpha Chi Omega, Hall is forced to stay focused. Hall reports her best strategy as not having a Netflix account.  

Claire Halffield is involved in an array of things on campus including Code T.E.A.L., D3TV, and student government.

"I guess at this point being busy has become a lifestyle, and my planner is my best friend,” Halffield said. “When I write down things in my planner, I don't need to try and sort through everything that needs to get done in my mind. Instead I can have a clear plan of what I am doing and what is due.”

Some students choose to take a more technological approach. Sophomore John Jessup sets reminders on his phone to stay on top of things, being a first year mentor Jessup needs to stay on top of many one-on-one meetings as well as his own classes and involvements. Jessup said “I get at least 8 reminders a day, but I do not like Google calendar, I think iCal is the best way to go, everyone has their phone on them, so I think it is the most convenient for setting reminders.”

Students as involved as these students, or even slightly less so, find it is important to choose their own organizational preference to be a successful student at DePauw.