Steve Outta Here 2.0: Behind the scenes of Professor Steven Timm’s feature series


Professor Steven Timm is putting on his final installment of the Steve Outta Here series. This last production features a series of experiences in the main character's life. The play is set to debut April 14th at 7:30 p.m in Moore Theater.

The leading role, played by Brandon Jordan, details the past life of Old Guy and his present struggle with brain damage. Assistant Director Cole Stephen and costume designer Anne Washington, gave some insight into the behind the scenes work. 

The main challenge faced was one of communication- with college students living busy lives it’s hard to create a rehearsal schedule, according to Stephen. The company started rehearsals in February and with a two month time crunch, communication was key. 

Washington came into this project as a student in Timm’s class, Theater Production and Design. As part of her course requirements, she had to design and put together costumes for the entire cast. Washington detailed the frustration of her work saying, “class schedules no longer line up like they used to in high school, costume fittings have been quite the task.” 

Despite this, she highlighted the learning opportunities that this experience has given her. “Although it has been difficult, [this production] has introduced me to a new passion that I would like to make into a career,” Washington said.

Many of Timm’s students are a part of this production, moving props and placing the scenes. They are tasked with ensuring the two hour show runs smoothly under Stephen’s influence. Stephen, having known about the process long before the actors, was readily prepared with concepts throughout the play. Having taken on a small role, he found a place in helping to produce the play alongside Timm. 

From stage managing to accents with dialect, Stephen has proven his production chops. “Everything felt fast, especially with working through the challenge of polishing the rough edges," Stephen said.

According to recent rehearsal reports available to cast and crew, learning lines had been a struggle, with the play featuring several long monologues. However, students of DePauw have had great success. With everyone dressed and ready to perform, Jordan says "I just would like to say thank you to Professor Timm for being at the start and end of my theater career at DePauw."