Public Safety consults with the FBI, will hire more staff


As a result of the six reported bias incidents, Public Safety has decided to hire two additional security staff members and has also been in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Indiana Civil Rights Unit.

Director of Public Safety Charlene Shrewsbury said that they have talked with the FBI at least five times in the last two days.

Shrewsbury said that the FBI was called to help assess where each incident falls within federal guidelines.  "They [FBI] have been very willing and very open to keep an open line of communication,” Shrewsbury said.

Shrewsbury could not comment on the specifics of the investigations because they are all ongoing investigations, but she said that some progress has been made. “We’re making a little bit of progress, but not as much as I would like,” Shrewsbury said.

Regarding the bias incident of a student reported to be wearing blackface at The Fluttering Duck, Shrewsbury said that because they know who it was, the investigation is moving faster. However, the investigation is still ongoing and Public Safety is still questioning more people about what happened before and after the incident. “We’re going to keep investigating until there is nothing left to investigate,” Shrewsbury said.  

Shrewsbury confirmed that while Public Safety is investigating this incident in the same manner as the other five bias incidents, the repercussions for the student will be handled by the University for this case.

The Greencastle Police Department and Sheriff’s Department are also aware of the investigation, according to Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury said that, this summer, Public Safety is going to rework on re-branding. “We are going to see what programs we have and which we don’t offer,” Shrewsbury said.

She will be contacting other schools to see how their Safe Ride system works and figure out a way to improve the Safe Ride Program at DePauw, as well as implement training for faculty, students and staff about what to do in the event of an active shooter.

Shrewsbury has been in contact with members of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion about training for active shooters with the help of the Greencastle Police and the Sheriff’s Department. “Active shooters are always in the back of my mind, even with everything that has been happening nationwide,” Shrewsbury said.  

Shrewsbury said that Public Safety will continue to be in contact with the FBI. “We’re going to keep investigating,” Shrewsbury said, “until there is nothing left to investigate."