Prices make transportation difficult for international students


Luka Ignac, a sophomore from Croatia, is frustrated with the lack of transportation around Greencastle and to the Indianapolis Airport. Ignac said transportation for international students to the Indianapolis Airport can cost up to $50.

According to Ignac, getting around Greencastle is difficult and expensive for international students since it is inconvenient for them to have cars in the United States. However, Myrna Hernandez, dean of students said, “This hasn’t been an issue that’s been raised.”

Many of the grocery stores and pharmacies are not within walking distance. In addition, Greencastle does not have a public transportation system. “Yes, I feel like generally, the public transportation in Greencastle is a problem. Even domestic students have a hard time getting out of Greencastle,” Vice President of the International Student Association Diane Um said.

A shuttle is provided by Depauw University at the beginning and end of each semester to take students to and from the airport. “The biggest problem is the airport, honestly. They only organize one shuttle at the beginning and end of term. The shuttle costs roughly $30 or $40,” Ignac said.

It is a common perception among international students that, “the shuttle bus doesn’t help students because everyone has different flight times,” Um said.

Other options for student transportation include Uber and Lyft but are only available in Indianapolis. Often drivers do not want to travel to Greencastle because of the distance. “Uber can sometimes take you to Greencastle,” Ignac said but stressed that they do not always want to come to Greencastle.

The Uber price for the airport to Greencastle is typical $45. According to Ignac and Um, the Greencastle taxi company, A Cab, costs $50 from Greencastle to the Indianapolis International Airport. Hernandez said having A Cab is an added benefit for international students.

Hernandez claims Depauw helps international students get around by scheduling shuttles, referring students to rural transit and the cab company in Greencastle.

Ignac tried to work with ISA to get a shuttle for DePauw, specifically, but it was not possible.“Some domestic students also don’t have cars so a shuttle to Crawfordsville or Plainfield, it would be nice to have a way to get life, basically,” Ignac said.

Ignac and Um each suggested improvements to make transportation easier, Ignac suggested wanting more times for the shuttle to the airport and Um would like to see more trips to Crawfordsville and Chicago.

“It's always going to be a challenge of ours because of our location. We’re not in an urban environment,” Aliza Frame, director of international student services, said. Frame asks other students to help international students when they can. “We want the students who have cars with them to offer to give rides,” said Frame, “that's a wonderful way of being of service to others.”