Over 20 new artists added to WGRE music rotation


Over the course of an overcast day post spring break, the WGRE music staff assembled a wealth of musical artists, origins and styles into a neat compilation known solely as the ‘H’ folder. This virtual library in the station’s Studio A introduces listeners to twenty plus musicians hoping to spread their latest creations across college airwaves. Having the opportunity to showcase new material and introduce artists to listeners, the WGRE music staff heavily considers the message that’s reflected in adding particular artists. With this mammoth batch of new songs, stretching from Swedish folk rock to a funky Mystikal feature, listeners have the opportunity to appreciate the contemporary abundance of thriving themes and genres, both on 91.5 FM and beyond.

Alison Wonderland – All the way from Sydney, Australia, Alison Wonderland found her way out of the rabbit hole and made it to Greencastle, Indiana. Originally trained as a classical cellist, Wonderland now tours the world as a live DJ. We’ve added a few tracks off of her debut album “Run,” released in America on April 7th. Alison Wonderland is one of the few electronic artists recently added to the WGRE music log, but there is a reason for her specific selection. She packs a punch with trap-infused beats, drops that beat your ears up and lyrics that would only be found in the fantasy of genre bending created by Alison herself.

Monophonics – This six-man group from The Bay Area use their roots to create modern blues fused with the psychedelic sounds of 60s and 70s rock. With influences such as Sly & The Family Stone and Funkadelic, Monophonics brings us into a world of the past, with smooth bass lines, organs, electric guitars, beats and a piercing voice fit for Alabama rock. They are currently on tour across America, stopping in Chicago and Cincinnati next weekend.

Twin Danger – The first moment we heard Twin Danger, everything clicked. Norah Jones and Macy Gray quickly took the back seat in 21st century jazz singers to smoke a cigarette to. The duo is made up of saxophonist Stuart Matthewman and New York jazz singer Vanessa Bley, who combine to remake the sexy sounds of the speakeasy ear. They combined for their self-titled debut, while performing shows all across New York. The album is great for working on homework, cooking, showering, driving, sleeping and probably just about everything else. If you like to relax to soulful sounds of modern jazz, sit back and listen to Twin Danger.

We have plenty of new artists featured on WGRE, and these first are just the tip of the iceberg. Tune in at 91.5 FM for more new music from WGRE artists, including Umphrey’s McGee, Mark Ronson, Doldrums and many more.