OPINION: The post-fall break phenomenon


Jackson Mote is a junior 
French major from Indianpolis

As the community of DePauw University approaches our week of fall break, I can’t help but think of how quickly the rest of the semester will pass by. It happens every year and I call it “the post-fall break phenomenon.”

After we come back from fall break, everybody is feeling energized and ready to work. The first-year students will be enjoying their newfound social interactions on greek property so much that they will not even realize how quickly the remaining time of the fall semester will pass.

The weeks will seemingly pass quicker and quicker until we are leaving for winter break. This is in part due to the fact that we have both a fall break and Thanksgiving break in the first semester. Also because we only have one break in the second semester, if you do not include winter term. 

In some capacity, I’d venture to say that winter term is a break. However, this depends on what you are doing during the month of January. The first-years will be forced to remain on-campus and contemplate the effectiveness of their attempts of the Winter Term challenge. Meanwhile, many upperclass students will leave campus in favor of an internship to include in their resume, in preparation for life after college. Regardless of what each person decides to do for Winter Term, I believe that it is safe to say that most students will keep themselves busy somehow.

The effect of only having one break during the spring semester often goes unnoticed. Because of the two breaks in the fall semester, we perceive time as going by much more quickly. 

To minimize the effects of this phenomenon, I’d suggest not getting caught up too heavily in an expected social pattern of “going out.” Another helpful tip is to not hangout in only one part of the campus. Diversify your activities and discover something on our campus that you never knew existed.  

You may not believe me, but I guarantee you that time will fly. Enjoy the remaining time in the fall semester because once it is over, you will not be enjoying the slushy mix of rain and snow falling on your face.

For the first-years, remember: You only go through the first semester of your first year at DePauw once… after that, you’re one step closer to real life like the rest of us.