New shows coming to D3TV



D3TV has become a well-known entity in the world of media at DePauw University. This semester, the program is mixing the new with the old with the introduction of four new shows that didn't air last semester.

“I’m so excited about this semester because we have a really smart group of students who are on D3TV,” said sophomore Claire Halffield, who serves as the executive director of programming. “There is really no limit to how far D3TV can go.”

The new incoming shows include China Tone, an international student talk show, DeCoded, DePauw’s version of  girl code/guy code, Late Night Show (think Friday Night Live) and DePauw’s Got Talent, which is a take off of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.,

DePauw’s Got Talent has been making the most noise, as auditions for the show were held last week in front of four judges, which included guest President Brian Casey.

“It’s going to be very interactive and we’ll have a lot of interviews, online content and hopefully audience voting,” said Halffield. “[The judges] are amazing, have great chemistry and are a lot of fun to watch.”

The four shows, whose airdates are still undecided, are backed by Tiger Sports Night and The Source, which stand as D3TV’s longest running programs. The Source runs every Wednesday from 7:30-8:00 p.m. while Tiger Sports Nation airs every Thursday from 7:00-7:30 p.m.

But for those who don't want to just watch the show and are interested in media and communications, D3TV is the perfect atmosphere to be apart of.

“I enjoy working on the different shows and working the control room,” said sophomore and co-director of programming Leah Williams. “I joined because I hope to work in television in some form when I graduate, so I felt like this would be both a good experience…and look good on a resume.”

Sophomore Jen Norehad, who serves as the other co-director of programming, agreed.

“Last year, I learned about D3TV through being on The Bachelor (another DePauw spinoff),” said Norehad. “This semester I decided to take [it] more seriously… I really enjoy being surrounded by such creative people with so many great ideas.”

But the station doesn’t solely attract students with experience in television.

“I came to DePauw thinking I’d be a magazine writer, and kind of fell in love with the TV studio,” said sophomore Madi McIntyre, who serves as D3TV’s general manager. “I accidentally kind of just kept sitting in on board meetings and eventually applied.”

With content that can be both serious and humorous, D3TV makes for a worthwhile program to watch when channel surfing.

“Not only is it a great way to learn about what is happening on campus, but most people would be surprised at how many people they know are involved with D3TV,” said Norehad.

Almost halfway into the semester, there is much to like about the future of D3TV.

“D3TV is becoming more modern,” said Hallfield. “We’re taking huge steps: rebuilding our website, adding more online content and making our shows more interactive.”