Musical 'Company' hits DePauw stage

Actors have their first dress rehearsal before showcasing starts on September 29th. ZACH TAYLOR / THE DEPAUW
Actors have their first dress rehearsal before showcasing starts on September 29th. ZACH TAYLOR / THE DEPAUW
Actors have their first dress rehearsal before showcasing starts on September 29th. ZACH TAYLOR / THE DEPAUW

DePauw students will be able to enjoy the biting wit and classic melodies of Stephen Sondheim in his historic musical, “Companyfrom Sept. 29 to Oct. 2.

“Company” will be performed under the direction of Susan Anthony, a professor of communication and theatre, and Steven Linville, director of operations and part-time assistant professor of music. Cast members will be singing and dancing to “the gorgeous melodies of Sondheim…[where] no words are wasted,” said Anthony. For this particular production, the School of Music and the Theatre department will collaborate, allowing for both music and non-music majors to take part in the musical.

This combination is not the only unique aspect of the production. In this particular rendition, the audience will be sitting onstage with the actors. “Seating onstage means that there is no disconnect between the actors and viewers,” Anthony said.

The protagonist, Bobby, is single but is constantly surrounded by couples. All of these couples are at different stages in their relationships, from being engaged to signing divorce papers. Because of his single status, there is a constant pressure from Robert’s friends and girlfriends to commit to a long-lasting relationship. The musical follows Bobby as he faces the challenge of finding love.

Both students and cast members are eager for the upcoming show. First year-student Sarah Congress is excited for the musical. “[I] cannot wait for the musical numbers because of their intricate choreography,” said Congress.

When playing their assigned roles, cast members find it both challenging and exhilarating to act older while portraying real-life scenarios. "It's kinda difficult because you have to be a lot more like yourself and vulnerable so people understand it's meant to be a realistic situation that happens to people,” said Darby Hayes, a sophomore cast member.

The production’s goal is for the audience to learn more about the process of falling in love and the impact that romance can have in their daily lives. While watching “Company,” Anthony believes students will be reminded that “it is worth it to keep hunting [for love]...[and that] the view society has on what romance should look like is jaded.”

While some would relish the opportunity to live a life with no strings attached, Sondheim’s portrayal of Bobby and the struggles he faces forces students to consider the detriments of always being a third wheel in relationships. Despite the conflict love brings, “having someone in your life becomes important in the future,” said Anthony.

Tickets for “Company” will be sold at the door, and admission prices are $5.00 for students, and $10.00 for general admission. The production will be held in the Moore Theatre, located in the Green Center for Performing Arts.

On Sept. 29-30, interested persons will be able to catch a 7:30 p.m. showing. On Oct. 1st, the cast will be performing a matinee at 2 p.m. and then another evening show at 7:30p.m.. “Company” will put on their final performance Sunday, Oct. 2, and the show will begin at 4. Those that wish to attend should buy their tickets in advance to guarantee seating.