Lucy Rowland Hall no longer first-year housing, will be housing for upper-class students


The DePauw University administration has opted to change Lucy Rowland Hall from a first-year dormitory to an upper-class residence hall as part of the “DePauw 2020” plan.

All of the first-year students are now living in the South Quad halls (Longden, Bishop Roberts, Hogate and Humbert). Lucy Rowland is now housing for upper-class students who would like to live close to the center of campus.

Bloomington Street Hall and Senior Hall will now be closed due to how their distance from campus and lack of general interest to live in these locations. The “DePauw 2020” plan defines these as: “inappropriate housing (distantly located housing and small, isolated houses, for example)” and states that they “must be removed from the University’s housing roster and replaced by more appropriate housing that brings students near the core of the campus. Our residential units should bring students together, in central locations, providing more opportunities for exchange and growth.”

This vision creates a more holistic housing experience and is focused on the unity of DePauw students rather than the vacancy of a distanced location on campus.

While Bloomington Street is aesthetically pleasing, it lacks an effective AC system and is often too hot to comfortably live in during the fall and spring seasons. Senior Hall residents from last year reported that the average temperature in Senior during the fall and the spring was very high and often difficult to relax in.

Sophomore Zoe Cunningham stated, “I’m actually really excited about living at Lucy. I lived there last year and I enjoyed it. I thought the rooms were really nicely sized and we have air conditioning." She does have some concerns that Lucy may be a bit too loud or rowdy. However, without first-years living in Lucy, she believes that noise won’t be that big of a factor.