Little 5 2018: Meet Your Riders


Meet your riders for DePauw’s Annual Little 5 race. The race will be held this Saturday, April 28th. The women’s race will begin at 1pm and will be followed by the men’s race at 2:30pm.

Photos courtesy of Byron Mason II.

Alpha Chi Omega

  • Hype songs: Bicycle Race by Queen
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Pasta on pasta on pasta with a side of Anita’s poptarts
  • Team motto: We are the Michael Phelps of amateur collegiate cycling
  • Race fear/ superstition: Crashing on the way to the start line

Alpha Phi

  • Hype songs: No Limit by G-Eazy
  • Pre-race meal or snack: One of everything off the value menu
  • Team motto: Ride so fast they can’t see what we look like.
  • Race fear/ superstition: We don’t shower the week of Little 5.

Beta Theta Pi

  • Hype songs: X Gon’ Give It to Ya by DMX
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Dark chocolate
  • Team motto: I’m going to eat your lunch.
  • Race fear/ superstition: Never wash your socks.

Delta Gamma

  • Hype songs: What You Did In The Dark by Fallout Boy
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas
  • Team motto: This is for dad
  • Race fear/ superstition: Crashing.

Delta Upsilon

  • Hype songs: Dancing Queen
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Busch light and pizza rolls
  • Team motto: He got a big booty so we call Jon Tebbe
  • Race fear/ superstition: Can’t ride in the kit before race day.

Chelseay Anderson (Independent)

  • Hype songs: Pro tip: I don’t listen to music while I read.
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Pasta and peanuts and chocolate
  • Team motto: Give it everything you have
  • Race fear/ superstition: Crashing

Kappa Kappa Gamma

  • Hype songs: Lemon by N.E.R.D.
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Nature Valley from the side kitchen
  • Team motto: Stay hydrated
  • Race fear/ superstition: Sleeping in and having to race against the men.

Phi Delta Theta

  • Hype songs: New Song by Shira Choir
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Hammer legs
  • Team motto: Sponsored by Dairy Castle.
  • Race fear/ superstition: Dying/ Crashing

Phi Gamma Delta

  • Hype song: Fire and Rain by James Taylor
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Yogurt
  • Team motto: No teammates, no problem.
  • Race fear/ superstition: Crashing

Phi Kappa Psi

  • Hype songs: Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Beats
  • Team motto: Born ready.
  • Race fear/ superstition: Front wheel falls off

Pi Beta Phi

  • Hype songs: Purple Lambrogini
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Create-your-own wrap
  • Team motto: Just finish with a smile on your face
  • Race fear/ superstition: Hitting a stop sign

Sigma Chi

  • Hype songs: Africa by Toto
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Scooby snacks and franzia
  • Team motto: I haven’t showered in two days
  • Race fear/ superstition: Riding behind Jay.

Sigma Nu

  • Hype songs: The Sonic X Theme Song
  • Pre-race meal or snack: Chili dogs
  • Team motto: Gotta go fast
  • Race fear/ superstition: We can’t swim.