LETTER: Alumni support DePauw University day of inclusion


As proud alumni and friends of DePauw University, we would like to make the following statement:

- We unequivocally and enthusiastically support all people of color at DePauw. In light of the recent campus tensions, we ask that all students, faculty, and administrators do everything in their power to make DePauw a place where all are truly made to feel welcome.

- We support the administration's plan to have a Day of Inclusion at DePauw and encourage all students to attend. Everyone can benefit from having a candid conversation about race in America and from learning about people with different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

It's no secret that race continues to be a divisive issue in America, and only be coming together and truly hearing each other can we begin to heal the wounds that still affect so many of us.


Anika Moore

Nichelle Thruston - Gilbert

Diana McLucas-Fisher

Aiesha Jones, Class of 2010

Aisha Mason

Albertina Brown, Class of 1994

Angel Williams, Class of 1998

Anika Moore, Class of 1994

Benjamin Stadler

Brandon Delesline

Camille D. Gray

Carla Lane, Class of 1995

Charles Evans Jones Jr.

Charlie Shivers

Chris Oler, Class of 1995

Cody Reyes

Cullen Howe, Class of 1995

Deborah Russell Chube, Class of 1995

Deborah Kaye, Class of 1995

Dijeana Wilks, Class of 1997

Diana McLucas Fisher, Class of 1996

Dionna Owens Wilson

Evonna Dunn Bruner

Gary Barcus

Jared Howe, Class of 1995

Jeannine Murray, Class of 1996

Jen Bischoff, class of 1995

Jennifer Weflen Welborn, Class of 1995

Jon Roberts

Julie McVey Farrar, Class of 1995

Keonnis Taylor-Flores

Landon Jones

Lauren Michelle

Lisa Nicole Smith, Class of 1996

Mary Catherine Roberson

Michelle Adams Hawkins, Class of 1993

Michelle Marks Payne, Class of 1995

Nadia Mitchem, Class of 1996

Nataki Pettigrew, Class of 1996

Nichelle Gilbert, Class of 1996

Pam Miller Smith

Philip Taylor

Quiaria Ray

Sainabou Musa-Sonko

Sandy Smith

Shawn Moss

Shawntay Moore Simpson, Class of 1995

Stacy Goodwin Lightfoot

Tamika Ragland Nordstrom, Class of 1994

Kenya-Taray Delemore, Class of 1996

Tonya Bellamy Robertson, Class of 1992

Vincent M Aguirre, Class of 1995

Yasmine Bell Allen, Class of 1995

Leslie Williams Smith

Nadine Farid Johnson, class of 1995

Jason Small, class of 1995

Leslie Nicole Smith (Williams)

Chauna Holder

Miriam Hornbuckle (Grays)

ShaDe' Watson

Albertina Kate Brown Curran

Deonna Craig

Juniata Childers Ford

Cathy Falkner

DeAndra Richard

Nicole Wilson

Alisha Tipton Delemore