Arriving at DePauw and adapting to a new environment hasn’t been easy. I’ve been battling with the temperamental weather conditions— it can be hot today and cold tomorrow. But at the very least, my stay hasn’t been uneventful.

After spending the last half of my life in Nigeria, DePauw University has been a nice surprise. Apart from Hoover, I’m looking forward to spending my next four years here.

So, I caught up with other international students to get their view on their first few weeks at DePauw.

Here are their views on…

The DePauw Community:

Moeez: The people here are welcoming. The professors are really interactive. My                             academic advisor is very open.

Long: I love the people, they’re mostly welcoming. It almost feels like home.

Membi: I feel DePauw really pays attention to details, you can see it in the well-kept                       facilities. Professors are intentionally welcoming.

Thien: Everyone’s been super welcoming, but of course there’s been some cultural                       differences.

Ria: The student body is really diverse and I’ve made some cool friends.


The International Student Orientation:

Ria: The International Student Orientation was a slay experience.

Moeez: The International Student Orientation definitely helped, it was more interactive                   than their new student orientation. My International Student Orientation mentors,               Kumar and Prem, were a great help.

Lan Anh: The International Student Orientation was great. It explained a lot of stuff like                   VISA applications. It was easy to make friends during that time, because we had                  a lot of fun activities.

Long: It was really engaging and it explained a lot more than the new student orientation.            The new student orientation was kind of boring. But my mentor, Hailey, was                        amazing, she still checks up on us.

Narak: The International Student Orientation really focused on communication which was              great.


Favorite Things About DePauw So Far:

Long: The campus has great facilities. And the people are friendly.

Ria: My academic advisor is the best. She’s been really patient with me…I mean I changed          classes five times and she was still willing to help.

Moeez: The campus is beautiful.

Lan Anh: It’s been easy to talk to other students, especially international students.


Least Favorite Things About DePauw:

Moeez: Hoover.

Lan Anh: It’s got to be Hoover.

Long: Hoover, the chicken there is often burnt and bland. But the employees are nice.

Narak: The weather, it’s been cold recently. I don’t think I’ll survive winter.            

Long: Winter is coming, Jon Snow.



Membi: It’s been great, the professors are willing to help.

Long: It’s been good. So far DePauw seems like I made the best choice.

Ria: I’m loving it so far.

Me (Jodi): I can’t wait to see the school when fall actually starts. It’ll be so pretty.


So far, everyone seems really happy with their time at DePauw (save for their dining experience), and that’s fantastic. Definitely, the best is yet to come.