Hoover Hall construction continues as expected


Construction on the new Hoover Dining Hall
continues in the center of campus.

Early last week, the DePauw community received an email, which outlined the basics of the construction of Hoover Hall.

Head of facilities management, Dick Vance, informed students and staff that this past week marks the beginning of the “mass excavation phase” of construction as a precursor to the “formal construction.”

This construction project has altered many central walkways on campus as well as decreased parking in areas near the construction site.

In addition to the excavation phase, project manager, Douglas Reddington said the project is also, “currently in the bidding phase,” and that, “construction on the building foundations will happen next.”

While the large area surrounded by fencing will remain fenced until the completion of Hoover Hall in 2016, the email from Vance suggested the excess in activity seen currently will, “likely scale back somewhat once this phase is complete.”

The construction of Hoover Hall exemplifies one of the many improvements being made on DePauw’s campus as a result of generous donations. A large part of the funding came in the form of a donation from Dave and Suzanne Hoover, both alumni from the class of 1967.

Additional funding was provided by donations from John and Sarah Wallace, class of 1976, as well as Jim Stewart, class of 1973.

Reddington believes once Hoover Hall is complete, “the new facility will provide a central gathering place for students, faculty and staff.”