Gamma Iota Sigma Delta Gamma Chapter established at DePauw

DePauw representatives being awarded the chapter and founding members certificates (Left to right: Ayusha Bhattarai, Gigi Nguyen, Professor Zhixin Wu, Nhat Nam Ho, Larry Nguyen).

This October, Delta Gamma, the 99th chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS), a collegiate professional business fraternity, was founded at DePauw University. For 56 years since 1966, GIS has been promoting, encouraging, and sustaining students’ interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as professions, with the first chapter being established at Ohio State University. 

The official charter ceremony for the Delta Gamma chapter was held at the GIS 51st Annual International Conference from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 in Charlotte, NC with the participation of five DePauw representatives: chair of the mathematical sciences department, professor Zhixin Wu, and sophomores Ayusha Bhattarai, Gigi Nguyen, Nhat Nam Ho, and Larry Nguyen. 

During the ceremony, the students had the opportunity to receive personalized certificates of founding members, and to sign the official establishment certification. “The chapter establishment certification is now temporarily displayed in the department of mathematical sciences, but we will move it to the school of business and leadership next fall,” Wu said. 

Besides getting a new chapter established, the students were also able to attend resume reviews, mock interviews, networking events, and career fairs with the participation of more than 90 insurance firms. 

In response to the conference experiences, Ho said, “It is such an honor that I was one of the students going to the GIS conference. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to so many professionals in the field, who inspired me to move forward in my career. The resume reviews and mock interviews were so helpful as I had a better understanding of how firms will select their intern/full-time candidates.”.

Sophomore actuarial science major Kannie Nguyen expressed her excitement about the newly established chapter. 

“This is such a great development opportunity for DePauw students, not just actuarial science majors, but any major students who express interest in business. I believe the GIS Delta Gamma chapter will organize helpful networking and self-development events, connecting successful professionals and DePauw students,” Kannie Nguyen said. 

Sophomore Tom Nguyen also shared, “I have high hopes for GIS’s future activities on campus, considering DePauw is establishing a new school of business and leadership.”

According to senior chapter president Zoie Obst, the GIS Delta Gamma chapter is now in the preparation phase, but will soon officially call for member applications and organize the first information sessions on campus. The new chapter welcomes any member with diverse backgrounds and majors with the same interests in business, risk management, and the insurance industry. Interested students can reach out to Obst at for more information and updates.